10 Secret Steps to Becoming a Superstar Dancer

To become a Superstar in the art of dancing,the following 10 secret steps listed below are essential for you.

1. Exercise daily:
Stretches each morning is perfect for your body. Stretching your body helps you become more flexible and reduces risk of you getting injured eg: muscle pull.
2. Watch dance videos:
You probably fell in love with dance after seeing a dancer either in an event or YouTube.
As you watch each video,think about the connections between the movements, how the choreographer interpreted certain sounds, their performance and the execution.

Examples: Justin Timberlake (Suit & Tie), Ariana Grande (Problem), Michael Jackson (Thriller), Lady Gaga (Applause), Beyonce (Single Ladies), Justin Bieber (Baby), Katty Perry (Dark Horse), Britney Spears (crazy).
3. Good eating habits:
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Try as much as possible to avoid Junk food. They might give quick burst of energy at first,but will weigh you down later. Healthier foods energize you more,making your body able to dance longer,stronger and better.
A dancer’s diet should include the following: watermelon,green tea,asparagus,fish,bananas,berries,cucumber,oatmeal,avocado,strawberries,and lots of water to stay hydrated always. After dancing,take a glass of milk or lemons.
What NOT to eat before or after dancing?
Salty food,Processed food,fast food,food with lots of Sugar,coffee. The worst idea is “not eating at all”.
4. Take dance classes:
Each class is usually broken down into simple sections you can participate in anytime,anywhere or even in comfort of your room. (That’s if its an online dance class). 
You can improve your dance skills by taking shorter classes that focus on fundamentals,or learn a whole piece by working on it little by little,everyday.
5. Practice daily:
What made beginner/average dancers into Superstar dancers is their daily consistent practice. No matter how naturally good a dancer you are,you need to practice to become better. Remember,practice makes one perfect!
6. Have a goal:
One of the fastest ways to improve your dancing is simply to have a goal to work towards. The goal can be a performance at your studio’s showcase or party. It can also be a dance competition.
7. Feel your body:
After you’ve learned the mechanics of the steps and routines, you need to make sure that you let your body “Feel” the movements so that all the steps and styling can really sink in to your muscle memory. You don’t want to be stuck in your head when you’re practicing or taking lessons, you need to be in “your body” to retain the dance moves, and progress faster.
After you got it pretty good, just put on the music and try to feel your body going with the music. This will also add enjoyment to your dancing.
8. Get inspired:
It is critical to work on staying inspired and motivated with your getting better in dancing goal. Life gets in the way, so some days you will be more inspired than others. The secret is to figure out specific triggers that can energize you quickly to get back in the groove, whenever you’re not feeling it.
Let’s say you don’t feel like going to your dance practice today. What you can do is watch some videos of your favorite dancers performing your favorite choreography on YouTube!
9. Joining a dance team:
Very essential! Being part of a dance crew gives you new experiences,styles,wisdoms you can learn from. A dance team or crew surrounds you with dancers of different backgrounds. You get lots of opportunities to perform when you join a dance team.
10. When on stage,Kill it:
Since dancing is a performance art,being a superstar dancer requires you knowing how to blow the minds of your audience. You should know how to kill it on stage.
The next time you’re at a show,competition or filming a video,bring out your best performance. 
Bonus steps:
Studying music,learning basic dance moves and grooves,freestyle dance moves,find what makes you unique and collaborating with others.
Following the steps above…you’re on your way to becoming the next Superstar dancer. The likes of Michael Jackson,Shakira,Chris Brown,Beyonce,Justin Timberlake,Usher,Psquare or even Rihanna. 
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