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CW Series: Legacies Season 2;What to expect!

Season 1 of the Vampire diaries spin-off *Legacies* following The Originals ended with main character Hope Mikaelson jumping into the pit to stop Malivore from rising. With Ralph been left in his werewolf form and no one ever remembering Hope existed! 
The Season 2 is definitely gonna rock audiences as the CW Series premier October Thursday 10th. You can download *The CW App* to watch all past,present and future CW series like: Arrow,the Flash,Riverdale,Supernatural,Black lightening,Super Girl and many more.
The Legacies main cast and crew returned few weeks ago to commence shooting. 
The Season 2 storyline gonna involve:
First episode definitely about where’s Hope,where she is and the effect of her absence at the Salvatore School. Season 2 Legacies sees Hope stepping up her game. 
Multiple sources suggest some familiar casts might show up. Familiar faces from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals,building up to the fact that Hope’s storyline links her to her family,which at one point,a family member has to pop out.
Not only are old familiar casts showing,but also new characters arrive at the Salvatore School. A new Vampire named Sebastian is headed to the school. He’s young in spirit but very old in years. He’s gonna be the Damon Salvatore-like kind of guy.
A new professor also headed to the Salvatore School as well as other new faces. Legacies Season 2 also sees the gemini twins Josie and Lizzie spend summer time apart.
Both Christmas and Valentine episodes are on board. Series creator Julie Plec told TV Guide that *not every couple is safe* hinting at lots of love triangles and relationship drama in the new season of Legacies. 
16 episodes already approved for the first part of Legacies Season two. First episode premieres Thursday,October 10th at 9pm on The CW.
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