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Sunday Rants by Val #56

#Sunday Rants…

👉6477 4171 9946 8791: if you like load it, that’s the total Numbers of MOSQUITOES in Nigeria

👉If your name is Kelvin and you’re studying law in UNEC
Your girlfriend is planning to cheat on you with your friend called James.
She’s discussing it with her friend here inside
the shuttle.
Me I don’t like gossiping ooo

👉I was brilliant in Primary school so much I can still recall 3 types of soil
Standing soil, Roaming soil and claiming soil.

👉Once you marry a BAD wife the devil will stop following you,because he has settled you.

👉This is Nigeria where a married man will still be complaining that his girlfriend is cheating on him

👉I think EFCC should start investigating why people live in poverty not only the source of people’s wealth bcus poverty is also a financial crime

👉I still don’t know why some people think they can punish me by not talking to me…
Me self, sometimes I don’t talk to myself

👉I know I love joking, but nobody should take it for granted. For the Very Last Time. Who took my Aeroplane Key?

👉Why is this pastor preaching and looking at
me as if I’m the one that slept with Mary
Magdalene 4 bible

👉People thought that those using Gas are rich not knowing that gas is cheaper than kerosene

👉Which fellowship is cooking food today for service???
Stop looking at me like that, I’m only asking on behalf of my roommate

👉When I get my PHD hmmm..
Not even my wife is allowed to call me
sweetheart. It must be Dr. Sweetheart or Dr. baby

Happy Sunday


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