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Flawless Max Crew Dancers EXCLUSIVE

Flawless Max Crew is a Nigerian dance group consisting of talented individuals. 

Their Instagram handle @theflawlessmaxcrew
FMC Exclusive Series is a brand NEW blog series to showcase everything Flawless Max Crew ranging from dance videos,pics,group member infos,*stunts* show,highlights,events and many more!
FMC (Flawless Max Crew) 
group members INFO
1. I am Harrix I like dancing because It helps me understand d music and it create way for me to interpret it🙂.
My hobbies are watching dance video n listening to new beats.
I am actually aspiring to be able to contest for world of dance Brazil. 
My role mole was Michael Jackson but I switched to Poppin john sbk.
My best dance move is the glitch.

2. My Instagram handle is kwin_daphne

I love dancing because, dancing is an expression of how I feel towards a rhythm. 
Dancing is my favorite hobby
I would love to dance in the snow.
My role model is Korraobidi 
Best dance move is sliding and donko.

3. I.am_vic3 (IG)

I see it as a way of expressing myself (why I like dancing)
Dancing, reading,Gaming (hobbies)
I would love to compete at world of dance some day (future dream as a dancer)
Matt Steffanina, sayrah chips (role models)
The kupe (best dance move)

4. IG: @bhadmannelchapo

For me, dance is one thing that gives me joy
I love to have fun with both the music and the dance.
My hobbies are playing football, dancing and *EATING*. 
At first, I had a dream of performing at the *”Maltina Dance All”* Stage, but as time goes on, year goes by my dreams started maturing. So, now, my dream stage is the *ARENA* Stage.
My role models are *Anthony Lee of Kinjaz* and *Hamilton of Vipajiz*
My best dance move is *pop and lock*

5. @world_of_gabriella

Dance takes me to a place nothing else can, a place of comfort, a place of peace, and place of happiness
My hobbies are dancing, singing, reading and definitely listening to music
I’d love to dance in 02 arena
My role models are my Mom, my eldest sister, sophiaxo, izzyodigie, kaffy
My best dance move currently is bogada💃🏽.
6. IG:marha_nwokolo … dancing is part of my life it’s a way of expressing myself emotionally most form of comfort🧖‍♀..HOBBIES: listening to music📼. dancing💃..designing👗..movies🎞 tourism🗺gaming😁… future🤔.. wherever it’s takes me as far it’s create a big spotlight for me
ROLEMODELS:Deola sagoe❣❣❣,Mai atafo😍..kaffy ,willynoir😏,Aliyajanell….
7. 👉🏻 IG handle: te_re_sah
👉🏼 why you like dancing: why do I like dancing? Why do you like eating,sleeping,living etc. 
👉🏼 fav hobbies: watching movies, writing, talking, living, basically being happy. 
👉🏼 where would you like to dance in future: wherever the wind blows
👉🏼 Role models: Therese de lisieux.
8. 👉🏻chyna_jerry (IG)
👉🏼cause it’s the only planet with life, fun and experience 
👉🏼 dancing et designing (hobbies)
👉🏼 mai atafo (Role model)
👉🏼 Alllllll (best dance move)
9. IG: oluacynthia        
Dance to me is like the air I breathe, it relieves me of  any stress, it gives joy and makes me forget my problem.      
My hobbies, dancing is no 1, and then writing, reading, listening to music, walking, thinking😌 and chewing gum😏😏. Well I wanna own a dance school in the future and any stage I found myself in, I’d most appreciate it. I donno the names of my role models except Fikshun😁.
10. 👉🏻 @_deraokoli_ (Instagram)
👉🏼 I express myself and explore my imagination through dance. (Why I love dancing)
👉🏼 Dancing, Being weird, watching movies and spending time with family (hobbies)
👉🏼 Millennium Dance Complex (where I would love to dance)
👉🏼 Ugonna Okoli, Kyndall Harris and Yara Shahidi (role models)
👉🏼 The Whoa😌 (best dance move)
11. IG: @Charlcharlee
I *love* dance because its my everything, my painkiller❤
Hobbies:Drawing, singing, choreographing
Mama❤ mi is ma role model
Pkarusho (best dance move)
12. – @itz__chrisb
– Dance is a medium I use to express myself; its part of me, it defines me, defines who I am
– My hobbies are singing and dancing
– I’d love to dance on any stage in New Jersey
– My role Model is Tye Tribbett
– Donko😂
Flawless Max Crew (FMC) on Instagram @theflawlessMaxCrew 

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