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Poetry Friday Line 11: FOREVER AND ALWAYS

Poetry Friday Line 11: FOREVER AND ALWAYS 

Dearest, I’d love to meet with you soon
But the sun has refused to set
Thereby elongating the day
And truncating the night
If I try to sneak out,
The lion outside the gate might devour me
And if I call you in,
The one inside might dance on you
Oh! How confused is man?

Distance and time don’t supplement themselves 
No, they compliment each other 
FOREVER is a very long word with few letters 
And ALWAYS is likewise long 
Even so, it gives more hope. 
So I’d rather say, 
‘I’ll meet with you ALWAYS’
Much more better than saying 
‘I’ll stay with you FOREVER.’

Coming back to you in 10 years time,
I’ve kept the promise of FOREVER
But staying away from you for a minute
I’ve violated the law of ALWAYS.
Time defines FOREVER
While nature gives explanation to ALWAYS
Conscience’s  been holding man
Never planned to be away for so long
But one thing is sure;
With you FOREVER and ALWAYS!
Ikise Atabang.

I feel for those that meet broken people
Because all they get are shards
And what do shards do?
they cut.
But this is not about broken people.
Or how deep they cut.
It’s about.
Full of love and light.
Oh! Who am I kidding? 
Because you see, 
We are all broken
All messy. 
All missing a piece of ourselves.
Which we could have had but dont.
That’s why we cut.
Each other. 
Noone wants to hear bout feelings.
Kill it with fire.
Meanwhile they darken the doors of my heart.
With a bank of fallacies.
Causing me to have a go at it again.
And get fragmented.
And again and again.
I wonder sometimes if they don’t tire.
If I don’t tire of the pain and all.
If maybe this isn’t some unending hellish spiral,
But one in which we’d one day see the end of.
 And leave this explosive box of emotions that causes us to fall apart into shards.

Tightly I hold onto God as I await my success dews.
Many are called; are you among the chosen few?
Just like deer longs for running water
My face is up, mouth wide open waiting for my success shower
Oh! When I look up I see my blessings like dews Coming through
When I told them my dreams, they said “oh Val you are such a fool!”
I don’t mind because I am waiting for my success dews

I don’t know how  I am gonna make it
All I know is that I would make it
And please don’t ask me when I would make it
All I know is that I would make it 
Whether during the sun or maybe during the moon
My face would be filled with laughter soon.
Because I know that God would send my success dews

Even when life hits so hard and knocks me down on my face;
up again on my feet I am, running my race.
Because life is a race, and we run by His grace.
I keep my hopes high, I keep my head up.
You know? I have enough reasons not to give up.
Even when I try and fail,
You would never hear Val wail!
His grace prevails when I err,
So, I am waiting for my success dews.

I lost many bricks to build greatness because of my lack of knowledge to know and find them.
I lost many consigliere, people, fractions because of pride
I lost my brain when I started thinking with my heart
I lost many battles because I never studied the serpent, it’s cunning nature
I lost everything and the game was just warming up
It hurts because the clock was ticking fast,someday
Man must reap the fruits of his labour
Man must suffer the consequences of this actions
So it left me with no choice, only the dreaded river Lea
The river might make me go insane
The river might separate me from myself and make me hollow
The river might kill me or give me what I desire. 

But what is the essence of life when there is nothing to live for
So I took the boldest, scariest step as I jumped 50000ft deep.
I struggled painfully under water as my lungs collapsed and my entire life flashed before my eye
Then I gave up to the water ghosts
Among the river turtles I flipped slowly as I acquired knowledge of everything above and below
Almost the river serpents. I found my nature
Among my final days under water I gave up my heart
I gasped for air again as the river Lea spit me out on a shore of angry pirates
Three days later the pirate captain was killed in a mutiny as I sailed in command.
Now my vision was as clear as clean water as I sailed as the head admiral of 300,000 ships
A heartless pirate admiral with knowledge of all to become mankind’s oxygen
No doubt remained In my head as I conquer all except for the day I would dare have to conquer the river Lea herself.
(Kk’s nightmares)
-Emmanuel kasiemobi nwafor

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