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Sunday Rants by Val #52

#Sunday Rants…
1. My roommate who is a writer just finished writing a book he titled “How to make money”  now he wants me to borrow him money to publish it. Well it’s not as if I am wicked oo but I told him to read the book.😎🌚🤤
2. They say milk gives strength, I drank 4 cups of milk but couldn’t move  a wall but when I drank 4 bottles of bear I saw the wall moving by themselves. Isn’t it magical?🤔😂
3. Sitting next to your ex in the Church isn’t a problem at all. The problem is when the Pastor says “Tell your neighbour its not over”🌚🙄
4. Are you Twin?
Did you know that Twins can actually have two different fathers? 
don’t ask me how because I’m eating…. When I am eating I don’t talk that much.🤤😁
5. If u are short pls I beg you in the name of God.
marry a tall person, I’m tired of changing bulbs for my neighbor and her husband.
Leme hear you say Valcee the tallest!🌚😌
6. Igbo guys advertising casket go be like. Oga buy this one, fiammmm! 3secs ur mama don reach heaven.😹
7. Big shout out to those born on the 29th of February, your birthday comes like world cup tournament, once in every four years. I go like marry a woman born on 29th Feb oo.😎
8. China produce two million engineers yearly, while Africa produce about ten million pastors yearly, yet witches and wizards dey poshu pesin everywhere and every time. Na Issue oo😏🙄
9. Did you know that When your girlfriend blocks you on social media….It is called ELECTRONIC DIVORCE?
10. Always thank God for your mum
What if she wasn’t in the mood that night huh??
*If I give you money and another money; which one would you take??*
Happy Sunday

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