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Poetry Friday Line 9: SECOND CHANCE

Poetry Friday Line 9: SECOND CHANCE

I want to live in the sky.
Above the sad clouds.
And angry storms.
Way up there
Where I wouldn’t be able to see the vexed ground.
I want to live in the trees.
In that closed up happy little hole.
Away from those troublesome squirrels.
And out of sight of those overburdened ants.
I want to live on the ground.
Open to the scorching of the sun. 
And exposed to the light of the moon. 
I want to live under water.
With the greatest of sea animals. 
And with my vision colored blue and blur. 
I want to live high and free. 
Low and still live free. 
I want to be alive.
I want to see you and you and you. 
I want to be happy and be sad.
I want to breathe in deep.
Live in an instance.
And breathe out hard.
I want to remember everything.
Then filter everything.
I want to be called normal only because
I bleed red.
And can die.

I knew my time for the divine union was set
But delayed due to my long quest for the untouched
I took long and searched through my entire vicinity
Behold and behold none was found
So I travelled out far from  my country side
Yet still, even in an alien region, none was left untasted
That was when I realized…
I was searching for a particular drop of water in an ocean

So I came back to my hometown 
Went to my neighborhood and booked for my own 
Just so I could monitor the incubation from day one 
14 passed; 16, I waited still 
Then at 18, I became so afraid 
My phobia was simple, 
Flies might perch on the ripe apple if it falls 
So I rushed to pay for it at 21
Behold and behold I met an already defiled object 
‘When did it happen?’ I voiced out
Even the very one I thought I was monitoring? 
Kai! I concluded 
None is left! All are defiled! 

That was how I went to my fellow dissapointed
‘Bro!’ I called him
Never ask for the undefiled
But ask instead for the less defiled
For all are defiled
None is left!
Ikise Atabang 

Why do you choose them over me?
Why do you let your faith shrink and wither?
Why do you forget who I am and what I own?
Why do you act like a stranger in my house?
Why do you stand aloof afar off?

What makes you think your sins can’t be forgiven? 
Have you been criticised, condemned and judged? 
Come, love. 
Come to my throne. 

I’ve been trying to reach you, 
But these days a lot of things steal your attention and leave you distracted,
Distracted and distressed. 
I want to speak to you, 
But you lead a noisy life, and my voice would be drowned in the whole busyness. 

That emptiness in your soul,
That’s my place, let me fill it.
I’ll fill wherever has been rejected,
I’ll create a home in you where no one wants to stay,
I want to fill your heart with joy,
And leave your face shiny with fresh happiness,
I want to do so much for you,
But you’re so confused and choiceless you don’t know what you want.
Come to me, I’ll help you find your purpose,
And make lines fall for you in pleasant places.
Joy C. Uchenaya

My ghost wept as I was covered with dirt
Things I wanted to say  while I walked the earth
To tell Lisa I love her not Jessica
To tell Dad I want to be an actor not a doctor
To say no to whisky that made my life risky
“Dr Kay, the patients are waiting”, said nurse Lisa 

The bottle of whisky I held fell as I woke up in tears 
Why the slight fear, did you have a nightmare?
This was my second chance to do what was right,
 But I didn’t and it became my plight 
‘Am fine Lisa , it’s just a fever’
I lied as I looked into those beautiful brown eyes.
I smiled and I acted
Fifteen years later it was no longer a dream
 As my ghost wept bitterly and the sorrow lasted 
It is not too late until it is
Do what you desire now with ease
(Kk’s nightmare)
Nwafor Emmanuel

You are so wonderfully made just like I always imagined and wished
Permit me to call you Sunshine ‘cos Beauty is an understatement
I love the way you laugh at my joke
You’re holding tightly on me even though I am broke.
When your dazzling eyes meet mine, I am in euphoria!

There is nothing I love seeing more than seeing “My Val” escape her pink lips.
Watching her walk while she sway her hips
Or the way her teeth shine whenever she smiles
Just to be with her, I don’t mind running a million miles

My phone too is affected by her aura  ‘cos it dances in happiness anytime she calls
Her touch as light as feathers, Her soothing voice is enough to wake the dead.

Here she comes, I waited fervently. Fixed to the spot.
I feared that if I make any slight movement,  she would disappear.
And when we stood face to face,
nose to nose,
mouth to mouth.
I could hear my own heartbeat and I feared my chest was gonna burst.

“Close your eyes” she commanded.
Just like a kid who trusted his dear mother, I obeyed.
She took my face in her soft warm  hands. I waited.
When I felt her warm breath on my face,
I lost it.
Then I woke up to find my self and my perforated heart.

“Where do I find love?”
And a voice asked “Looking for love?”
“Yes! I am”
“It’s here with you. Love your self first, that’s  the dream love.”
Love your self.

Looking through the open waves
 A great fish was seen in there
T’was the strangest fish ever
Whose ways were full of deceit

T’was a fish with chameleon nature
Changing from the left to right
Just to fit in the best part
Just to get free from great woes

Around the street t’was boasting
Of it’s magnificent wealth
But then came the bandits at night
And he denied being affluent

What a mighty fish it was
Mightier than all the fishes
Yet was the least of fishes
Because of its deceit nature.
Uwah Ime  

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