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Poetry Friday Line 7: ANOTHER

Poetry Friday Line 7: ANOTHER


The other time I came
You were not around
I came back the next time
You were not around
I still had to come again
But you were still no where to be found
And you never cared to know whose footstep
You always come back and notice on your doormat.

I called the first day
You didn’t pick
I called again the second day
You didn’t pick
I had to call again the third day
Still there was no response
And you never bothered to return my calls
Nor ask why I have been disturbing
Tell me, have you found another?

Your friends told you the other night
That they saw me alone in the darkest part of the world
Crying heavily but silently to the spirits of the night.
They even told you they heard me lamenting my loneliness
Yet still, you laughed and never responded anything good
According to you, I was enjoying the breeze
And so you never asked about my safety.
Why don’t you open up to me that you have seen another?

What about those days you never spent a whole day in your workplace
According to you, you never imagined spending an hour without my presence
Even those nights you’d call and we’d talk until we both go short of words
Yet still you’d refuse to end the call
You always said you wanted hearing me breath from your phone
Even those days you were always angry if I don’t eat with you
According to you, I was the salt in your food
But now the same you take offense if I call to ask if you’ve eaten
Just let me know that there’s another!

It’s true life doesn’t give to everyone what they deserve
My friends warned me not to pour out my all for you
They told me never to trust any of you
But I insisted you are not like everyone else
You sounded so real
You have played a blind game
But still I hold nothing against you
Just only introduce your another to me
As for me, you remain my another!
By: Ikise Atabang


You were my cocaine.
I was high on you.
You filled my thoughts.
Pulled my strings and
pressed my buttons.
I was aggressive in loving you.
Every thought led to you.
I wanted you.
I was at the peak of it all.
Then I was far away.

I started to fall.
A little.
Distance doesn’t make
The heart grow fonder.
It makes it distant.
It makes its light dim.
It makes it shrink and die out.
It made us die out.
I’m a mess already.
Going crazy
But I was better at being
Crazy bout you.

I know.
But aren’t all love stories cliché.
I’m out of chances.
Gotten all three strikes.
But I’m not ready to look in your eyes
And not see that spark
That ignites my heart.
Because I would die out.
By: Teri (c_u_p_o_f_t_e_a)

In life, we suffer tribulations
In life, slavery may not be an exclusion
In life, there may be  changes of direction

Life can put you in the dust of poverty
But with your capacity and ability
You can put on the shoes of prosperity

Life indeed is a reality
With numerous responsibilities
That catapults people to become celebrities.

So my darling, my dear
Just hang on in there
You’ll surely make it there.
By: Uwah Ime

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