Movie Script: BLACK AFFAIR (Part 1,2)

A film by Ikise Atabang.

Black Affair is a 360° movie which tries to address all situations of the real life – the good, the bad. It also focuses on some 21st century threats like the influence of parents on the relationship of their children with their opposite gender (the case of  Demy and Angela, high school friends who their both parents saw their relationship from another angle as against the general perspective), the importance of self-actualization (the case of Victoria also called Vicky), loyalty in friendship (the case of Evelyn and Vicky; Solomon, Mac B and Jumbo), sincerity in public service (the case of Papa John), politeness (the case of miss Catherine), and of course faithfulness, tolerance and endurance in marriage and relationship (the case of Franky; ma’am Rachael) amongst others.
The movie takes its title ‘BLACK AFFAIR’ from the innate desire of people to fall madly, deeply in love out of desperation without having to trace the background and the origin of whoever they want to fall in love with. Often, they end up in an evil business as against what they initially titled as love.
Solo: (smiling) Evelyn, let me not beat around the bush.  There’s someone around you that I love. 
Evelyn: without guessing, that must be Vicky, right? 
Solo: Yes!  (looking desperate) I love her and I want her. 
Evelyn: (laughs)  Aargh! Brother, calm down na. I can see how the thing hammering you…
Victoria, a young beautiful lady in her early 20’s. She had a very golden upbringing. She was duly provided for. But not long, the pressure of self responsibility began to hit her hardly and of course as a graduate, she needed to start taking care of her financial needs. So, she went round the city of Ibadan applying for jobs. But unfortunately, she was not offered any even with  her nice CV and beautiful appearance. She was frustrated and so decided to have a rest after the last interview that she went with her friend, Evelyn who just attempted an interview for the first time and was offered the job. 
It was at her last interview place that she met Solomon, a fellow applicant who later developed interest in her and eventually got her through her friend, Evelyn.  That was how acqaiuntacy developed into friendship, friendship into crush, crush into affection and affection into love and their affair interestingly getting to the peak. 
Prior to that, Solomon who was so desperate getting Victoria had already started introducing her verbally to his two loyal friends, Mac B and Jumbo. Of course, he had been doing that whenever he met a new girl. The hyping of the girl’s beauty and appearance would always contradict the girl’s physical appearance. So that was the main reason Mac B and Jumbo did not take solo serious when he told them about Vicky at first. “All your girls are always beautiful. We know.” They’d tell him that whenever he brought up the topic. 
Unusually, the two friends bowed for Solomon when for the first time, they incidentally got to see Victoria in a night party. That was how they formed a group of friends with three males and two females. It was cirtained, Solomon owned Vicky and Jumbo eventually developed affection for Vicky’s friend, Evelyn. Mac B was left unpaired. But was he actually ready to go alone? Or would the problem of who should give up for another arise? None of them even knew where this black business was going to land them? 
Demy, Victoria’s only bro and last born in a family of four had just finished high school. Coming back home from the boarding house, he brought his female friend, Angela home and introduced to his mother first and later to his dad. Unlike the normal Nigerian parents, Mama Rachael and Papa John accepted and welcomed Angela warmly and treated her also as their child. The secret behind could be her outstanding academic excellence. She was already popular in the whole of Lagos due to her involvement in state’s quizzes and other competitions on TV.
Demy’s parents trusted Demy to the extense of traveling and leaving him and Angela alone at home. Would Demy betray the trust of his parents by having any ill thing to do with Angela? On the other hand, would Angela yield to Demy’s conviction if at all issue of sort should arise in his mind? These were the questions that only time and nature would answer at the due. 
Also, sometimes it’s always hard to accept the perception that bad things just always happen to good people and vice versa. This was the case of Paul, a patriotic road safety officer who works not directing his attention to the monthly salary he received but for the love of the safety of the road users. The only bad thing that happened to Mr Paul was the fact that Miss Catherine, a very young pretty lady with an exceptional beauty who usually passed his duty point daily to her work place had refused to give him a listening ear as to quenching his thirst for the girl. So, Mr Paul, a middle aged man and facially unattractive, after all his efforts, could not still triumph in his contention for the pricey Miss Catherine’s heart. What later happened was what Mr Paul never prayed for. Could his persistency fetch him a cup of water or on the other hand leave him in everlasting regret? 



BLACK AFFAIR (Part 2: Summary)
A film by Ikise Atabang 
Demy and Angela grew up together and went to the same university. Angela’s parents finally visited Demy’s parents and the two families became friends through the relationship of their children. What later became of the duo was what life couldn’t naturally give meaning to. 
However, Catherine ignorantly fell into the hands of one Franky guy,  a heartless, passionless lover and a sly criminal who so delighted in devouring the body and consuming roughly all the beautiful innocent ladies coming in contact with him.
 Unfortunately, Catherine was carried away by the illicit love of Franky, despite how vivid he was at some points. 
And finally, she was knocked down at morola junction, Paul’s duty point. Immediately Franky heard the news, he disappeared with everything that belonged to Catherine including her money at the bank. While Mr Paul became the good Samaritan. He rushed her to the hospital and sold his properties to take care of the entire hospital bill. 
In all, the later that happened after her recovery from the hospital bed became the focus. Was Paul still interested in her even though she was ready to say the Paul’s long anticipated ‘Yes’? What of her relationship with her lovely Franky? What about her fate in starting all over again? 
When people say cliché like “the good hits once while the bad hits and rehits”, they were usually correct. Vicky got money from her parents and went to acquire a skill, after which she was able to establish herself upon the completion of her training and was now living a happy life. She later developed interest in empowering the female children around by offering them free skill training. She enjoyed doing it. And that was how she took Angela as her lil sister and was giving her the same training during long vacation. So, instead of Angela staying with Demy and his parents in Lagos, she’d travel to Ibadan to stay with Victoria during holidays although Demy was literally not happy with his sister, Vicky. 
According to him, Vicky was spoiling things for him by always taking Angela away from him. 
Evelyn, Vick’s long time friend was also excited that at last her friend was able to live a happy life.
Climaxing, everybody was happy, the bond in the whole friendship of a thing was becoming stronger, Solomon’s love for Victoria was still in the increase, love found its place and every other thing was moving smoothly. Not until the unpredictable and the unrevealed was gradually unfolding. 
Finally, the time was due. They were to get married. So, Victoria with a great joy and an endless happiness took Solomon to show her parents who lived in Lagos.
Dramatically, the two families sat together in Papa John’s sitting room. And the evening was becoming sweeter. Nothing was wrong. The two families were happy and smiling at each other not until Rachael, Victoria’s mother finished dressing and was coming out joyfully to join them so that the introduction could begin properly.
She walked in but stop short at the sight of Solomon who to her was having a familiar face. Everything was paused and everyone silent waiting for her to roll away the suspense. Rachel stared deeply at the Solomon guy and remembered vividly everything that happened between 1987 and 1990 after also staring and remembering Solomon’s father who also was greatly shocked to see her. She recalled everything that took place while she was staying in Ibadan with her grand mother. So, she quickly rushed and hugged Solomon with tears, recognizing him as her biological son. 
At that moment,  dream became reality, fate became inevitable and the day suddenly turned into the most darkest night. Papa John and Solomon’s father couldn’t still comprehend everything that was happening, Demy and Angela were just silent, Evelyn, Mac B. and Jumbo were yet to utter some words, while Vicky wetted her face with unceasing tears as she rushed and hugged her brother tightly.
 “What would have become of me if I had slept with my sister?” was the only question that Solomon asked unconsciously not knowing who he was directing it to. But then, what was going to become the fate of this black affair was what nobody could say anything about.


Full movie script to be released SOON!!!
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