17 Legit Ways of Making Money as a Student 2019

Every one wants to make money while studying on campus. University is not just about reading and passing semester exams,its the best chance of connecting with lots of people while earning money for the services you render. 

Below are 17 Legit ways of making money as a student on campus. Don’t wait till you finish school,start now! 
1. Part-time work in a nearby restaurant or store. Most students work during weekends at fast food restaurants etc.
2. Blogging: Very popular is blogging these days. Over 20 million new blogs are opened everyday. Pick your topic,what interests you and blog about it. When you get enough traffic you can then monetize your site through Google AdSense and other platforms.
3. Online Survey: Some companies pay students $3-$5 for just online surveys. Examples include: Swagbucks,Survey Junkie,Life points etc.
4. Forex: An online trading program for making money through investing. You need tutorial first,learn the ups and downs before embarking on forex. People make up to $10,000 per week from it.
5. Review Apps: Review,test apps and get paid. Probably via PayPal account. Check out for more info.
6. Become a delivery guy: Do you have a bike,car or even bicycle? Do you have a smartphone? Help lazy students on campus run errands, deliver to their doorsteps what they need and get paid.
7. Affiliate Marketing: If you have huge social media following… This is for you. Promote for companies and brands their products and services to your followers. When someone buys,you get paid commission.
8. Fiverr: Use your talents to make money on
9. Review Music for money: For music lovers…review upcoming/unsigned artists and bands at *Slicethepie* for cash.
10. Sell your old cloths,shoes,CDs, games or movies.
11. Photography: If you take good photos,showcase your work by snapping people for free before charging a fee when there’s an increase in demand for your service. Also attend social events and snap pictures.
12. Tutorial class: If you’re an expert in a subject or field, organize tutorial classes for students finding the course hard to understand.
13. Write/Publish a book on kindle: Students are very good at many things especially *research and writing*. Download the kindle app,write and publish an eBook and make money.
14. Ushering jobs: Most events take pace during weekends. Find ushering jobs near your campus and work.
15. Drawing: If you’re a very good artist you can make money too. Sketching only your friends and family members won’t earn you money *only appreciation and clapping of hands*. Draw celebrities and tag them on Instagram. They love it. Draw your lecturers and influential people to gain recognition and money.
16. YouTube videos: The world watch more videos than Google searches. With the YouTube Partner Program you can upload videos and receive advertising revenues per every 1,000 views.
17. Competitions: Campus is filled with lots of social activities. Competitions like modeling,essay writing,quiz,dancing and many more reward winning students with money.
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