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Sunday Rants by Val #35

#Sunday Rants…
#Short ppl 2
Never you annoy short ppl they can pick a stone fast #Word🌚
If not dah I don’t like short girls.
Who is Nicki minaj Dah I cannur date??
Short people will be asking ‘What’s up’ ..
If I show you what’s up
Will you reach it??? 
U beta mind your business😹
Short girls with bow leg wearing red trousers be looking like plier.
Public Announcement!
Val is resuming this week…
Pls,pls and pls, everyone went home, so i don’t wantu hear ‘Val what did you bring for me?’ let us respect our selves😎
Assuming we are 5 in a car… Me, U, Wizkid…
Davido… Burna boy.. And your phone lost who
will u suspect??🌚
Guys, stop turning your neck whenever a girl passes you by.
You are not a standing fan…
Don’t be afraid to contact HIV/AIDS FROM CHINA GIRLS because it will not last
You’re 25 and not a CEO yet, what a shame,I became a CEO at 9; my teacher use to say Val & company leave my class
I always feel guilty when I skip gospel music on
my phone.
My body be doing me like I’ll go to hellfire …
Who else is guilty?
If a girl calls you ugly, she’s jealous.
If a boy calls u ugly, he’s mad at you.
But if a child calls u ugly
Just pack ur load to ugly department
Whenever your boyfriend says you’re like a mother to him, My sister Hide your purse! I repeat hide ur purse!!
How I found myself in this country isn’t my problem, my problem is where was my grandfather when his mate was sold abroad?😕
Nigeria men will not marry a girl that has given birth before but will marry a grandmother abroad!
The way i am going to propose to my future wife. We wld be chatting in my room and i will just throw her ring and say ” mumu take this ring, i knw say u wan marry me.  fish.
Husband materials-
If your wife Cook and salt dey too much in the food
How you go take tell her with joke?? So she won’t be offended?
#Happy Sunday…
From Nzdworld: 🏆 to Valcee for his 35th Sunday Rant series👏👏
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