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SALVAGE Chat between Real Madrid and Barcelona FANS

3 EL Clasico matches coming soon. Every fan all hyped up for these fixtures most especially the Copa del Rey semifinals of two legs,first at Camp Nou then return leg at Santiago Bernabeu.
So I linked up with 8 carefully selected fans👦👦👦👦👦👧👧👧 from Nzdworld fb page for a question and answer session online:
(4 Barcelona,4 Real Madrid).
Team FCB🔴🔵 V Team RMD⚫⚫. 
Their salvage responses😂 are as follows🔥
NZD: Xup guys/babes!
FCB🔴🔵: Xup nzd
RMD⚫⚫: Hi Charles
NZD: Cool! So building up to the upcoming Clasicos,how excited are you guys about the games?
FCB🔴🔵: He he! Can’t wait! Santiago is Messi’s playground for the past 10 years and Barca rape clubs wearing the white jersey (example: PSG,Sevilla) at Camp Nou.
RMD⚫⚫: hmm! Thought Ronaldo silenced the Camp Nou? Mind you Madrid in cup matches is a total different team from regular La Liga fixtures.
FCB🔴🔵: You mean the Super Cup defeat against city rivals Atletico Madrid.😂
RMD⚫⚫: Calm down! Manager Zidane and Ronaldo just left us. We were still rebuilding our squad,things are different now.
NZD: Alright! Who’s going through to the Copa del Rey finals?
FCB🔴🔵: Barcelona all the way. 
RMD⚫⚫: definitely Madrid! La Liga matches and Copa del Rey aren’t the same. Remember our top players are returning from injury. Even Barca’s board of directors and Coach fear us.
NZD: What’s the match going to be like?
RMD⚫⚫: well the normals….Pique to score an own goal just days after his birthday. Semedo to be confused throughout the match.😀
FCB🔴🔵: Ramos to add to his red card tally. Marcelo to get another humiliation when he meets Messi. Messi’s favorite friend in Madrid is Courtois.😆
RMD⚫⚫: oh! Asensio loves Clasicos. Ask your goalkeeper Ter Stegen.😁
FCB🔴🔵: Hope Courtois is prepared to concede double⚽⚽ from Leo.😂
RMD⚫⚫: Bale to have the another spectacular night of his career since Jordi Alba is more of a LW.😀
NZD: what of the no.9s (Benzema V Suarez).
RMD⚫⚫: Karim is having the best time at the moment. I always knew he was the best striker in the world.
FCB🔴🔵: Lewy plays golf? Or Kane playing cricket? Luis Suarez scored a hat trick last time,he loves scoring against Real Madrid. Maybe it has to do with the fact they wanted to sign him but left him after the 2014 World Cup incident.😂
RMD⚫⚫: Before I forget, Your Club is responsible for Neymar been summoned to face tax allegations despite his injury condition.
FCB🔴🔵: Nah! There’s no place like home(La Liga). Spanish tax force just miss the presence of rich and famous footballers just like Ronaldo. You know since he left us to PSG he hasn’t visited us physically only through 5 phone calls.😂
RMD⚫⚫: Very sure next court presentation will feature Messi.
NZD: Enough of the politics. Let’s stick to onfield matters. Who features at RB for Barca?
FCB🔴🔵: Has to be Roberto. He’s a winner.
RMD⚫⚫: Hope he doesn’t get sent off again for childish behaviors.
NZD: Your choice goalkeeper (Madrid)?
RMD⚫⚫: I hope Navas is fit before the games though our coach prefers Courtois as the first choice goalie.
FCB🔴🔵: Courtois all the way!😂😂
NZD: Speaking about the Hazard situation, would you have loved him playing these clasicos.(Madrid)
RMD⚫⚫: Yeah sure! He’s one of best footballers in the Premier league as well as the world. We’ll still get him during the summer no doubt.
We have enough talents in our squad to handle Barca. The current Ballon D’or winner(Luka Modric who ended Messi & CR7 dominance) playing for us too….so you see….so much quality!!!!
FCB🔴🔵: Can’t wait to see Madrid fans wailing😭 and looking🔎 for Modric on the field when they concede 2 unreplied goals in the first 10mins. One from Suarez,the other Coutinho assisted by Messi.
NZD: Who’s starting/benching for Barca (Dembele/Coutinho)?
FCB🔴🔵: Coutinho is back to form. He’ll start. If Dembele is fit, he will be our *Super-sub*
RMD⚫⚫: Vinicius and Asensio can bench both players.
NZD: I’ve a feeling Casemiro will score another outside box GOLASO!!!😱⚽
RMD⚫⚫: much quality.. He’s been doing that unexpectedly since his move to Madrid. When opposition don’t expect he produces a moment of sky magic.
FCB🔴🔵: He can’t score against Barca he’ll be too busy picking yellow cards trying to catch Messi.😬
NZD: Predict man of the match?
FCB🔵🔴: Leo
RMD⚫⚫: Asensio
NZD: Supersub?
RMD⚫⚫: Ceballos or Vinicius if ABB start
FCB🔴🔵: Malcom or KPB
NZD: Alright guys,girls thanks so much for your time. My last question before I leave.
Will Real Madrid team miss CR7 during these clasico matches?
RMD⚫⚫: No player is bigger than a club. Kaka,Ozil,Beckham all left we didn’t miss them and so is Ronaldo. We’ve gotten stronger as a team since his departure.
FCB🔴🔵: With or without Ronaldo,we’ll still thrash them. Ronaldo’s presence makes our victory over Madrid even sweeter. Is a pity we won’t see his hilarious frustations after missing chances😃 and looking for penaldos.😂
The End!
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