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Sunday Rants by Val #28

1st #Sunday Rants… 2019
*Thank God we made it*

After paying sch fees and other fees including wifi, someone will still be buying data with his own money. Asuu! Asuu!! Asuu!!! hw many times did i call you?😕🌚
Pls know that i am self employed, so if you see me talking to my self don’t think i am going crazy. I am just having staff meeting😎😁
pls if a girl block you on Facebook how much will your bank debit you?????
A girl is threatening me that she will block me this new year😏
I went to the bank this morning, A little old
Lady approached me and asked me if I could
help her check her balance…
So I pushed her and she fell.
Now the security Guard is taking Me to Police
Van.. I think They Want To Give me new year Gift For the Help I Gave The Lady😁
I saw ten ants in my room so I called them tenants. I am now a landlord…
Chai sense will not kill me🌚
Make yourself happy this
season,if you can’t afford
champagne,buy pepsi
shake it very well before
opening E go pop😂
Whosoever that showed my dad how to off his hotspot will never find inner peace.😡
Warisdis sef.
Guys Please, don’t curse your Ex, She Might be my
future wife, pity me and my unborn my children🙏
If you are dating a beautiful girl, know
that a minimum of 3 guys try their luck with
her each day which makes 21 guys per week,
84 guys per month and 1008 guys per year.
Now tell me can your girl say no 1008 times..💁🌚😏😉😀
*Don’t forget to show love to those in need*


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