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How to design a Website to get readers Hooked

How to design a website or blog getting your readers hooked.(Graphic Design)📱🎨
The Future of Design is SIMPLICITY. Especially the Graphic designing of Webpages is going to be more of Mobile-optimised sites, more brighter,bolder and Richer colors added to webpages,more Playful and friendly illustrations(Animations) in coming days. These illustrations will serve as entertainment to the user while waiting for content to load.
We all want a Webpage: easy to use and access,attractive,flexible,mobile-friendly,has cool gifs,bright colors,detailed,easy to Navigate(search) and extremely fast💨💨💨 in loading. Hopefully in Future,we love to see a Webpage with a voice to welcome its users.
The following 5 trends should be followed to make your website or blog more addictive,Interesting and get web users hooked.
1) The no1 and most important is the Mobile first approach:📱
Mobile first approach is the process of designing for mobile (or smallest screened devices)first before working up the bigger ones like IPad,Desktop💻 screens. Mobile phone is named as the primary device used for browsing the web. Internet🌐 users have quickly taken to mobile-optimised sites which make their browsing experience easier. With the growth of more smartphone users due to its affordability and flexibility, Webpages have become more mobile accessible.
2) Simplicity: Design your page as simple as possible,don’t fill your webpage with too much ads,only a few is OK. Readers love Interesting topics and Animations. Your page should be easy to use and navigate. It should contain a Search🔍 and tag🔖 button.
3) Good template🎨:Use eye-catching colors,Big,Bold and Beautiful fonts attract readers. Font size of 12 to 16px. Let the colors you design your page with define your website.
4) Top quality Pictures📷: Don’t download images from Google to post in blog,Snap your own photos. Readers appreciate hand-drawn graphics and icons. This will differentiate your page from the crowd,help you standout online. Also learn how to make and use Gifs.
5) Social Media Linkups: Your webpage should contain links to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more for your readers to share your blog posts around the world.
Follow the 5 steps above,BET you your readers won’t want to Leave your page.
👉For more Ideas about designing,check out the following Websites: Dropbox,Hubspot,Wired,Spotify,Dribbble and Typewolf.
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